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Council No.13004  St. Michael The ArchAngel   Tombstone, Arizona

Knights of Columbus meet the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7 PM
The Knights of Columbus: A Catholic Fraternal Organization that embraces the Precepts and Creed of the Catholic Church. The organization is open to all practicing Catholic men eighteen years or older. This is our history and order:
Farther Michael J. McGivney a 29-year-old assistant pastor at St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut, gathered a group of laymen together and discussed forming a Catholic Service Organization. Four months later, in early February 1882, the Knights were formed. Today, the society serves churches throughout the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico and many other countries.
The name of the organization - "The Knights of Columbus" - was selected to honor Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America and the new frontier. The term Knight serves as a constant reminder to all, of the Knightly qualities of spirituality, loyalty and service to the Church, embodied in the work of the Knights of Columbus.
The Knights first order of business was to form a financial net for Catholic widows and orphans, to care for their needs when their husbands and fathers passed away. It gave a boost to the men of this era, to collectively help one of their own and to hold their heads high and not be ashamed to be called a Catholic at a time when Catholics were ridiculed and mocked.
Today the Knights walk a parallel path with the Church. Although not officially sponsored by the Church, we follow the rules and order of the Catholic Church and provide charitable activities in which the proceeds of our fundraising efforts are turned over to the Church. We promote family values through our abortion views, sponsor drives to make people aware of the rights of the unborn and other activities to help the disabled and retarded.
Above all, the "Knights" are Catholic Gentlemen. We have sworn an oath of Fraternity and Loyalty to ourselves, the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ. We do not depend on riches to buy advancements or positions in our order. Politics are checked at the door. Our prayers before and after each meeting keeps us focused on the original intent of our founder, Father Michael J. McGivney: "The good of the Family always comes first".
We invite all Catholic men to join our special group. Just tell any man whom you know is a knight: "I would like to join the Knights of Columbus." Think about it: think about your relationship with your family and God. Then think about joining us, to help others. Many people will walk in and out of your life but the Knights of Columbus will leave lasting footprints on your heart!
Although the Knights of Columbus is a national Catholic men’s fraternal and charitable organization, the Knights of Columbus is locally administered by Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Council No. 13004. All Catholic men of the parish are invited and encouraged to join this organization.  At the discretion, permission and generosity of the pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, the Knights of Columbus are granted a meeting place on the premises of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and as such meet the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7 PM.    The Fourth Degree Assembly is the formal and patriotic level of the Knights of Columbus. Applicants must be Third Degree members of the Knights. The Fourth Degree is the ceremonial order seen wearing fancy feathered chapeaus, capes and swords during various liturgical events, parades, posting the flag and participating in funerals.

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